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5 Questions to Ask Before You Hire An IT Support Company

Information Technology

Thinking about hiring an IT support company? Technical difficulties slowing your business down? Or maybe you’ve suffered an IT disaster, causing work to grind to a halt? As your company grows, you’ll inevitably spend more time figuring out IT problems, and since you probably have better things to do - reliable IT support becomes a necessity.

IT support is an affordable way to make sure you’ve always got the expert knowledge on hand to not only solve problems when they arrive but to also make sure your IT is working at its optimal level.

But here’s the thing - like all industries, there are good and bad IT support companies - so how can you know what you’re getting?

We’ve put together the 5 questions you should ask when you’re hiring an IT support company, so you know you’re getting the assistance that’s right for you.

1- How Fast Do You Respond?

Some IT support companies operate on a support ticket basis, which means you need to submit a digital support ticket and then wait for someone to come back to you. Frustrating when you’ve got a pressing problem that’s getting in the way of your productivity. And with some companies, this wait can be anything up to three days.

Not ideal for a busy, growing company. The whole point of having IT support is to get back up and running as fast as possible without delay in productivity or workflow!

Make sure you ask what their response time and support process is when choosing an IT support company. Do they have a phone number or a support ticket system? Which works best for you? Make sure you choose a company that is going to respond quickly and keep the process simple.

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2 - How Expert Are Your Experts?

There are different levels of IT support experts. This ranges from a tier 1(basic helpdesk) to a tier 4 (specialist support). Some larger IT support companies provide a large range of tier 1 experts as the first line of defence - and that’s who you get passed to first.

These experts, of course, aren’t as experienced as the higher levels. If your problem requires more expertise, you’ll be passed up and up until you get the expert who can actually help with your problem. A frustrating process for you and not the fastest way to get back up on your feet.

So, make sure you get an IT support company that gives you access to a decent level of support right off the bat. For example, at Data Innovations everyone in our team is at least a tier 3 expert, so you’re always getting the answers you need from the first person you speak to.

3 - What Kind Of Support Can You Offer?

IT is a broad topic. From hardware and software to protecting against malicious attacks and even installing and maintaining wifi. Different IT companies offer different services.

Some IT support companies, like Data Innovations, can help with everything from installation and cabling to full support.

Other companies may only provide software support and not be able to help with things going wrong with your hardware or WiFi. Or vice versa.

So, to avoid having to use multiple service providers, ensure your chosen IT support company can cater to all of your IT needs as a whole. This keeps the IT in your business easier, simpler and less stressful - especially when things go wrong!

4 - What Days And Times Are You Available?

Different support companies have different hours. Some companies are weekday only, some are on hand twenty-four hours a day. Others may be hybrid, giving you options.

The reason it’s important to ask this question is because you need to consider what kind of hours your company would really need IT support.

If your company works round the clock with shifts, or you operate in different time zones, you’ll definitely want an IT support solution that can handle calls in the middle of the night or bright and early in the morning.

Alternatively, you might have a business that only operates weekdays within strict daytime hours, in which case you wouldn’t require 24/7 IT support.

Ultimately, you want IT support that is going to be there for you exactly when you need them to be.

5 - Where Are Your IT Experts Based?

Some IT support companies use an overseas team, as this is a cheaper option. While this can work well for many industries, it can create some frustrations when it comes to IT. Language issues and timezone problems are usually the main pain points.

You’ve probably experienced an overseas call centre before - the conversations can go around and around due to language and communication difficulties. Add to the fact that you may not even understand your IT problem yourself, it makes explaining it all the harder!

You can avoid potential misunderstandings and communication mishaps by choosing a UK-based IT company that can respond quickly, and that clearly understands the needs of your business.

IT Support That Suits You

There’s real benefit in working with an IT support company that can help you grow your business, overcome technical stumbling blocks and most importantly, save you time and energy troubleshooting common issues.

But make sure you choose IT support that fits your company’s requirements because when the need arises, you want to be sure help is at hand

Do your research by asking these five questions and more before you sign a contract. And if you’d like to hear about the IT support we offer at Data Innovations, take a look at our remote support service.

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