Cloud Services

How can cloud services help my business?

By moving some or all of your services into a cloud environment you are increasing the availability of that particular service and also reducing your upfront capital investment.

Depending on your size and requirement, you may not have the need for large expensive Servers anymore. Instead of having three Servers you may only require one. Some companies are now able to operate without requiring a central server. It can allow your business to collaborate more efficiently and reduced maintenance costs.

Many software packages are now available as a cloud service, with little upfront costs. You may no longer need to invest thousands to get an onsite bespoke Software package.

We appreciate your business is unique with specific requirements and would advise the best options available.

Why move services to the cloud?

  • Lower up-front capital costs

  • Work from anywhere

  • The latest up-to-date technology and Software


Advantages of moving to the cloud:-

  • Access from anywhere and from almost any device

  • Built in scalability, backups are built in

  • Fast and Cost efficient

  • Low start-up costs

  • Ideal for remote offices and mobile workers

  • Your data is held in secure data centres


Advantages of moving your network to the cloud:-

  • All of the above, plus

  • Your Virtual machines are highly available, replicated across data centres with fault tolerance built in.

  • Highly reliable, resilient and secure.

  • Built in scalability

  • Backups are controlled and maintained for you


Things to consider when using cloud services:-

Slow or poor internet connectivity can cause issues accessing cloud based services.

We recommend that you consider a backup internet connection from a different provider than the one you currently use. Also you may consider an internet connection with a service level agreement, guaranteeing you will be up and running after a specific amount of time.

If you are interested in moving any of your services to the cloud or just wish to find out more, we would be happy to discuss further.

Contact us for further details.

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