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Data Protection & Security

Protect your data from loss, corruption and damage


Losing data or having it corrupted or damaged can be disastrous for any business. We offer secure and cost effective solutions so you don't have to worry about that scenario happening to your business.

Types of data protection we provide


Offsite Backup


We setup, configure and manage your offsite backups to run automatically according to your requirements.


Your data is encrypted locally with military-grade encryption prior to transfer via a secure SSL connection. It is then stored in state-of-the-art data centres which employ the highest security standards and meet all requirements for HIPAA compliance and other legal and regulatory standards.


The service is scalable and grows with your business and has five 9s (99.999%) uptime.

Site to Site Backup


If your company has multiple sites we can put in place a backup solution to transfer your data to your remote site. This works by compressing, encrypting and transferring your data to the remote off-site hardware.

Onsite to Removable Media


We can setup and configure your backups. Backups are scheduled to run automatically according to your requirements. Tape or disk media can then be changed and removed from site.

Want to find out more about what data protection is best for your business? Call us today or use the contact form below. 

Data Protection is included in our monthly contracts. 

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