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Business Phone Systems

Connect, collaborate and chat from one single app 


Are you looking for a business phone system that together with voice calls gives you video conferencing, instant messaging, and other web-based communications too? 


We did our homework and teamed up with a company called 8x8 to offer what we think is a best-in-class, all-in-one app designed for collaboration from desktops and mobile devices with voice, video, private messaging, and team chat. 

The app suits any size business and because it is cloud-based needs no cabling making it cost effective and quick to install. We also know the app inside out which means we can offer advice and save you time by arranging installation and managing it on your behalf. 

Benefits of a cloud based business phone system

A unified communications interface for voice, instant messaging, video conferencing, data sharing, and presence eliminates phone company’s monthly recurring fees.

Having a cloud based business phone system means you won't need to purchase an expensive, dedicated smartphone for every employee. 

A business phone system is designed to improve the speed and flow of internal communications and external customer interaction.

Business phone systems make it easy to monitor and manage calls. Eg. call flows can be designed to ensure that priority calls never go unanswered. 

Why we like the 8x8 business phone system

8x8 is recognized as a leader in global communications thanks to its reliability.

Award-winning voice quality in the office or on-the-go, powerful analytics and a single administration platform to manage all your locations.

The 8x8 all-in-one app suits any size business - from small to large and from one location to multiple. 

8x8’s open integration framework lets you embed third-party applications from CRM systems to Microsoft Teams, while managing advanced customer engagement strategies like SMS campaigns.

Learn more about the benefits of having all your business communications in one place. Call today or complete the form below.

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