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Remote Support

Remote support across the internet:-

  • Faster response to your support requests

  • Lower cost per session than an onsite call


What more could you ask for, save time and money Our remote access technology allows one of our engineers to securely connect to your device and take control of your screen, keyboard and mouse. Your problems can be swiftly diagnosed and fixed once connected.

Some examples of issues that can be resolved remotely:-

  • Setting up a new computer, laptop, user or printer

  • Configuring remote access

  • Software problems or assistance

  • Software upgrades

  • Printing issues

  • Routine maintenance

  • Website updates and amendments

  • Setup of new or additional email accounts

  • Firewall and access rule modifications

  • Anti-virus upgrades



All our support contracts include our remote access service. If you require assistance with a problem or need further information please give us a call.