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Office Business Premium

Updated: Apr 5, 2019

If you like Exchange Online, you’ll love Office 365’s Office Business Premium

If you’re using Exchange Online, you’ll already be familiar with many of the benefits the cloud brings in terms of flexibility, scalability and software that’s always up to date. But what if you could do the same for the other Microsoft apps and collaboration tools your employees love — and all for a low, monthly, per-user fee?

Now you can: Office 365 allows users to access their favourite Microsoft apps online, as well as their emails. This means they can work anywhere, on any device, without having to deal with compatibility or version control issues, and you can eliminate capital costs and reduce your management overhead.

Office Business Premium — a complete package for businesses

Office 365 comes with a range of subscription levels for organisations large and small, educational establishments and individuals. Office Business Premium is packaged for businesses and delivers desktop versions of all the Office apps your employees know and love, alongside online versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint. And one licence covers up to five phones, five tablets and five PCs or Macs per user — more than enough to give users full flexibility over when and how to work. As well as the regular Office apps, users can benefit from an exciting range of business and collaboration tools, such as Skype, Business Center, Outlook Customer Manager, Bookings, Connections, Invoicing and more.

Included in Office Business Premium as standard is the same world-class email capability you get with Exchange Online. Users can access their email, contacts and shared calendars from anywhere with an Internet connection. With 50GB of storage, and the capability to send messages of up to 150MB, it’s truly geared towards modern businesses. And if you lose your phone, it’s really easy to wipe your data remotely without actually losing it, because it’s synched across your devices and backed up to the cloud.

Three great reasons to make the leap now

We’ve talked about the benefits Office Business Premium brings to your users, but here’s how it can streamline your IT operations:

  • Office Business Premium’s easy and fast setup and management allows you to respond to an unpredictable market by being able to set up new users (or even whole departments/organisations) with all the productivity applications they need, at the touch of a button. This scalable approach means you never need to over-engineer your solution.

  • With rising incidences of ransomware and data breaches, security is high on everyone’s agenda. Microsoft has robust policies, controls, and systems built into Office Business Premium to help keep all your information safe — not just your email. And they guarantee 99.9% uptime.

  • Your employees are most likely already using their own devices to make their work easier, so why not enable a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) culture that works for everyone? As Office Business Premium includes Office 365, there’s no need for users to download and run unapproved software, meaning they’re much less likely to encounter compatibility or security issues.

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The cloud is coming of age, and offers an increasingly safe and simple way to streamline your operations and reduce your cost base. We’re helping businesses just like yours achieve a smooth upgrade from Exchange Online to Office Business Premium, and yours could be next.

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