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5 Ways Your IT Is Hindering Your Team's Productivity

Information Technology

Believe it or not, frequent tea breaks aren’t the only thing reducing your team’s productivity.

Do you feel like there are always little issues popping up and slowing the workflow? Never enough time in the day to get everything done at work? High productivity has become the golden standard for teams that want to deliver results.

You might measure your productivity by the deadlines you meet or the monthly goals you surpass.

What if there are sneaking issues draining your productivity on a daily basis? The truth is - your IT might be holding you back.

Now, we know it isn’t fun to troubleshoot when you’re in a comfortable routine with your team or in your workplace and things are just about getting done. But getting more out of your time is undoubtedly worth the mental hassle.

Discovering the problems that are reducing your productivity is the first step to actually increasing your efficiency.

So, we’ve lined up the 5 most likely suspects in your IT that might be slowing you down.

1: Slow Internet

How much of your business takes place online? If any type of web-based activity is integral to your daily work then slow internet could be the biggest culprit for productivity problems.

If you don’t have a speedy connection then how can you be sure you’ll get important files transferred on time? How can your staff access email or even upload and download files? All of these small hindrances add up, especially on larger scales.

To avoid this, ideally, ensure you’re using a reliable Internet Service Provider that is set up to support the specific needs of your company. Here at Data Innovations, we always look at the business as a whole, taking into account the number of devices, users and the type of use they need, before offering a service. The solution to your slow internet holding you back could look as easy as upgrading your internet contract to one that can handle larger volumes of use from a bigger team.

Slow internet

2: Unreliable Internet

Similar to slow internet, an unreliable internet connection is where productivity goes to die!

Seriously, how many times has a connection drop ruined the flow of an important online meeting for you? With unreliable internet, your team is more likely to have their day set off track at any point that they need to rely on the web to complete a task.

This can be draining and annoying for your team, especially if it’s an ongoing issue.

Take the time to find out what level of internet connection and cabling your company needs. Whether you’re a small team in need of simple but reliable broadband or a larger set of buildings that need to be connected by a network, find the web service that fits your requirements perfectly.

3: Tech Spec Not Up To The Job

This is usually an easy productivity issue to spot within your IT.

If you simply don’t have the right tech for the job, the job won’t get done. If your team is using outdated software or working on computers that don’t have enough manpower then of course you’ll see a drop in target-hitting.

Take a step back and assess what kind of software, tools, or hardware your team is in need of to perform at their best. It can be as simple as bringing your team together using workflow productivity software or giving your team faster computers.

4: No One To Call For Help

Picture this - your whole laptop crashes just an hour before you’re due to send a finalised document to a client. The deadline is looming but you just can’t get your laptop to get past the black Windows loading screen of doom.

Moments like this, if you have no one to call for help then you feel helpless and you’re setting yourself up for longer downtimes like this instance.

But it doesn’t need to be like that. Most tech problems can be resolved on the phone and remotely with an IT support service, saving you stress and time and giving you more peace of mind.

5: The Wrong Tool For The Task

Using the wrong tool or tech for the job is just as bad as not having the tech at all. In the end, your team will struggle their way through the day, and they’ll probably manage quite well, but they certainly won’t be working at their best.

There are a few ways you might be using the wrong tool for the task. Take a look at the backend of your company. Do you really need three large, expensive servers? It’s possible you could move to a cloud-based (or at least supported) service that can save you time and money instead.

When it comes down to fine tuning your company to allow for high productivity and great team morale, it looks like your IT is a good place to start looking for ways to improve. Focus on fixing slow or unreliable internet with appropriate web services that can match your needs.

Say goodbye to outdated tech or even just misfit tech, and keep an IT expert on hand with remote IT support to keep your productivity flowing.

Not sure how to cut your IT productivity dead weight? Get in touch with us at Data Innovations to find out where to start.

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