Your Network Offsite.

What do we mean by your network Offsite?

Basically we would transfer your applications, emails and data to a secure offsite virtual environment. Your virtual machines and emails would then be accessible from almost any internet enabled device Windows or Mac.

How does it work?

Using the latest Microsoft remote desktop technology you connect securely via the internet to your virtual machine. Your virtual machine’s desktop is then presented to your device and appears as if you are working locally.

What features are included?

  • Multi-monitor support
  • Printing support to locally (client) connected printer
  • Support for touch screen
  • Full USB bus re-direction
  • High-availability and fault tolerance

What are the onsite requirements?

Suitable connection to the internet.

A backup internet connection is recommended.

Internet enabled device, Windows, Mac, PC, Tablet, iPad, MS Surface etc.

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